Japanese-style Guest House, Nagasaki Kagamiya
Nagasaki Kagamiya is a Japanese-style guest house.

It has a very low price, starting from 2,500 yen per night but does not provide meals.
Please bring your yukata (room wear) and your own personal utilities.
Showers and toilets need to be shared.

In the guest house, you can enjoy meeting other visitors,
you can also relax and feel at home.

Regarding meals, Nagasaki gourmetmap (a map of many food shops and restaurants)
is ready so that you can enjoy Nagasaki specialities in many places near the guest house.

Free Breakfast Service
Toast & coffee ,tea

*On the way to our hostel and in our building, there are some stairs.
 If you have difficulty walking stairs or hills, our guesthouse might be hard to stay.
*Our building is made of wood.
 Since the building is a little old, you might hear the noise from other rooms.
 Please be aware.
*We don’t accept children under 5 years old.
 And we don’t accept children under 12 years old in Dormitory room.
Japanese Private A Japanese Private A
Japanese Private A

For 1people 4,500yen / person
For 2people 3,000yen / person

This room is a Japanese- style room called Washitsu.
Room size : 6 tatami
For 1~2people
Bathroom is shared.

Japanese Private C Japanese Private C

For 3people 3,500yen / person
For 4people 3,000yen / person

This room is a Japanese -style room called Washitsu.
Room size : 10.5 tatami
For 4people
Bathroom is shared.

Female Dormitory room (room sharing) Female Dormitory room (room sharing)

Max 4 people, 2500yen/person

Western style room & bunk bed
Bathroom is shared.
If you are 4 people , the charge is same as private room (3000yen/person * 4 people)
No children below 12years old accepted in a dormitory

Dormitory room (room sharing) Dormitory room (room sharing)

Max 3 people, 2500yen/person

Japanese style room & futon
Bathroom is shared.
If you are 3 people , the charge is same as private room (3000yen/person * 3 people)
No children below 12years old accepted in a dormitory

Kagamiya Hanare[Annex]
Kagamiya Hanare[Annex]
For 5~7 people
For 5people 15,000yen/night/room
For 6people 18,000yen/night/room
For 7people 21,000yen/night/room

外観 本館側から2 外観 本館側から3 外観 入口から 玄関(閉じ) 玄関(開き) 階段 2F手前和室6畳 2F和室6畳 2F奥和室4.5畳 2F和室4.5畳より奥6畳 1F和室6畳窓側向き 1F和室6畳入ってすぐ 1F和室6畳からキッチン(ドア閉じ) 1F和室6畳からキッチン(ドア開き) シャワー室 シャワー室

Hanare is next to the main building of Kagamiya and it's a building of 2 stories.
There are 3 Japanese style rooms in Hanare.
It is recommended to small groups and family travelers.
Each of you can sleep with a futon.
Air conditioner is equipped.
※additional fee for a group 500yen/day from July to September and from December to February.
You can use toilet, shower, and amenity (shampoo, soap, hair dryer)

Nagasaki Kagamiya public space Nagasaki Kagamiya public space

The use of internet is fully -equipped in the 1st floor of the Kagamiya public space.
Guests have free access to the internet. Wi-Fi access is available.
Kagamiya public space is used as the place where you can read the Nagasaki guide book,
check out sightseeing information , and read Kimono magazines.
The public space is also used as a place to hang out.

People you meet today may form a lasting friendship.

*Check in 15:00〜21:00
*Check out 〜10:00
*No curfew
*Tax and service charge are included in the price.
*We only accept cash. Payment should be made when you check-in.
*Free access to Internet and a hair dryer, fully air-conditioned

*Regarding equipment
・Every room is fully air-conditioned.
・There are no television and fridge in the private rooms.
・Private rooms have keys.(Private rooms are lockable)
・Smoking is prohibited in the building. There is a smoking space in the garden.

*Regarding the common space
・You have free access to WiFi internet in the common area.
・There is a shared fridge, but there is no kitchen.
・Showers and toilets are shared.
・Ask for the dryer if you need it.

*Things you need to bring
・Please bring your towels, amenities, and pajamas.
(Towel Rental 100yen)

*Shops around the guest house
・Family restaurants and convenience stores are located near the guest house.
・There is no parking space.
 There is a coin parking 5 minutes on foot from the guest house.
 (1,000 yen / 24hours)

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