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About Kagamiya


Kagamiya Time

ステンドグラス イラスト
ステンドグラス イラスト

At the back of the shrine's precincts, Tsukagamiya has a relaxing time.

In the morning and evening, you can occasionally hear the sound of church bells and the whistle from Nagasaki Port.

A 30-minute walk to the center of the city, "Hamanmachi".

Say hello to a cat in your neighborhood or at a nearby shopping street, just like living in Nagasaki.

Find your favorite pure coffee shop.

Nagasaki, which winds and climbs up and down

It is recommended to travel slowly.




ステンドグラス イラスト

​A meeting place and a private journey

The living room in the main building has a table

Surrounding and interacting with travelers.

The distance is reserved for one house,

I feel at ease only with my friends.

長崎かがみや ゲストとの宴
ステンドグラス イラスト

The stage of history!

"Ichinosebashi" on the way from Hotarujaya Tram Stop to Kagamiya is a key point on the Nagasaki Highway. That celebrity also goes through here to Nagasaki. A history full of romance

ステンドグラス イラスト
長崎かがみや 本館パブリックの灯り

​​Travel arrangement

Please leave the travel advice such as day trip to Shimabara and information on night view spots.

Photo tours with kimono

We are good at arranging things that can be done because it is a small inn, such as a charter party.

長崎かがみや 本館パッブリックのアンティーク
長崎かがみや 玄関の置物
長崎かがみや 書
長崎かがみや 古い時計
長崎かがみや シャンデリア

Host introduction


​Representative Koichiro Ichihara

長崎かがみや 代表 市原浩一郎

​Landlady Yukari Ichihara

長崎かがみや 女将 市原ゆかり

A guesthouse run by a traveling couple.

My husband, Ko-san, has been living as a Tokyo office worker for more than 10 years.

Meet the landlady Yukari in Fukuoka, the place of transfer .

From a shocking encounter with antique kimono in Ehime

Yukari, the landlady who became a captive of kimono,

Someday I will meet you in a kimono in Nagasaki

I want to do a guest house! Like dreaming.

And I retired from the company in 2010,

It was born in Nagasaki.

As an inn where you can endure the corona wreckage and share the joy of traveling

I want to do my best.

Please provide some support.

2012 PV production supervised by Tekkou Nogami

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